We're leaving last year's schedule here until we lock in next year's event. 


Next annual event to be determined 

Fri evening, all day Sat, and Sun until 4pm 


5:45-7:15 pm: A special section is reserved for us in the restaurant. Meet your fellow magi for a no-host dinner 

7:15 pm:  Michael Ammar Lecture (Part 1)

9:00 pm:  Stage show  

Afterwards:  Hang out and with your fellow magicians 


8:00 am:  No-host breakfast gathering / Dealers open 

9:15 am:  Nate Kranzo Lecture  

11:15 am:  Marquee Close Up Shows 

Ammar, Kranzo, Chad Long, and Paul Draper


2:00 pm:  Michael Ammar Lecture (Part 2)

4:30 pm:  Chad Long Lecture  

      Long evening break - you deserve it!  

8:30 pm: Headline Stage Show  

Afterwards:  Session room open late! 


8:00 am:  Dealers and Swap tables open 

9:00 am:  Paul Draper Lecture

11:00 am:  Panel Discussion with the headliners

      Ya gotta eat SOMETIME! 

1:15 pm:  Parlor contest:  2-5 minutes of Parlor Magic.  
This year's winner was Seth Ramsey! 

- Also private specialty workshop(s) 

   - - - - - - - - - - - - -- 

​We'll have an ongoing "Session Room" open around the clock.  It'll have tables, chairs, and water pitchers, and all are encouraged to roll up their sleeves and spend time showing off, watching, learning, exploring, playing, and hanging out with your fellow magicians.