Friday evening, all day Saturday, and Sunday 'till 4pm.
April 11, 12, 13, 2014
This is our 2014 schedule
Things may Change...

Friday Evening


1:00  Registration: Dave’s Killer Magic Shop..shop, mingle, then make your way to the Portlander Inn. Registration will move to the Hotel around 2:30PM.

3:00   Max Krauss Lecture -columbia room

4:30  Dinner*

6:30  Meet The Magicians and Simon Lovell Lecture

8:00  Kick Off Show

9:30 Sessioning

11:00  Late Night Game Show


8:00  Breakfast*

9:30  Kozmo Lecture

11:00 Daves Killer Magic Shop (Shuttle available)



1:00 Garrett Thomas Lecture

2:30  Daves Killer Magic Shop (Shuttle available)

3:00 Simon Lovell behind the counter at Dave’s Killer Magic Shop

Dinner (free Hot Dogs at Dave's Killer Magic Shop 3:00-5:30)

6:30  Marquee Close-up show

8:30  Performers Show  

10:00 Late Night Jam with Simon Lovell



8:00 Breakfast*                                                 

9:00 Panel Discussion

10:30 Like Forden Kids Lecture

12:00 Daves Killer Magic Shop (Shuttle available)

1:00 Restaurant workers workshop

2:00 Roy Kuepper Fix your coin lecture

3:00 Jeb Sherrill Lecture

4:30 Parlor Contest       


    Session Room

    We'll have a "Session Room" open around the clock.  It'll have tables & chairs, coffee & water pitchers, and all are encouraged to roll up their sleeves and spend time playing, showing off, sharing ideas, and hanging out with your fellow magicians.