Started in 2009, the PMJ is an annual 3-day convention that brings together magicians from Oregon and Washington (and beyond) for a great weekend of learning and camaraderie. It's open to all levels of magic enthusiasts, from complete beginners to seasoned experts...  

   We can't believe some of the acts we've had over the years!  Look at the bottom of our Headliners page to see some of our past lineups. 

   Our venue, The Portlander Inn, is one of the most loved aspects of this event.  We make use of 3 of their function rooms, and under the same roof you can also make use of their 24-hour restaurant, lounge, snackbar (featuring made-to-order deli sandwiches and shakes), a convenience store and MANY other ammenities! (Plus a great room rate for out-of-towners.) And have we mentioned what a lovely place Portland is to visit?


Friday evening, all day Saturday, and Sunday until 4pm  

Date not nailed down yet, but we've got our eye on Sept or Oct!